Cashmybux - PTC

At CashMyBux, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites.
The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal and AlertPay. The minimum payout is $10.00.
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Transfur Movies To Flixya and Get Paid !!

What Is Flixya ?
Flixya is a social networking platform and they pay their members 100% Ad Revenue. On Flixya you can upload video, upload photos, and even write your own blog ! The best part about it is that your content does not have to be original. You can upload videos from other sites and get payed. Whenever someone views something you have uploaded on Flixya, you get payed for it.

How Do I Get Payed ?

Sounds too good to be true? Well I was a bit skepital at first too. After reading through some of the faq's and what not I found out how they pay you, or rather, how Google pays you. There is just one thing you have to do. You have to apply for a google Adsence account ; however, you HAVE to be 18 or older to apply for one (or have someone 18 or older apply for one and you can use it, but then the checks you recieve will be made out to them). Then after you make a Google Adsence account and get it approved (this can take up to a week <(~.~)> ) all you need to do is look up your publisher id (how do I find it?) After that its as easy as pie. All you have to do now is input your publisher id to Flixya, upload some pictures and videos and then share them. When One of your friends views your video, you get payed for it!

Craving4Cash - GPT

Craving4Cash is a newer GPT site, and it already looks very promising. First off, the site is not Shiftcode! This means that it’s not most likely one of those “overnight” sites that will open up and close up in a week leaving with all your money.
They invested a lot into Craving4Cash, and you really can tell. The site has a great design that’s very easy on the eyes. Nothing is crammed into little spaces, everything is easy to read. The site looks very, very nice. The offers are set into three categories: "Free", "Trials", and "Paid". Unfortunately, there is no search function yet, but maybe that will be implemented at a later time. There are instructions for each category that give you an explanation of how to successfully receive credit for each offer type. That’s great if you are somewhat new to GPT sites!
On top of a great-looking site, there are some great-looking forums to go along with it. At the forums you can talk to other members along with the two owners, Wes and Steve. You can even discuss your experience with offers you’ve completed on their forums. You must at least 13 years to join Craving4Cash. Payments are sent out at the end of the month through checks, PayPal, or Visa Gift cards. There are monthly contests and you will receive 15% of your first level referrals and 5% from your second level referrals! Are you craving for cash yet? Register now!


Getting Started With GPT

Here is a step-by-step guide to start making money TODAY with GPT sites. I'm not kidding, most of these sites approve offers within minutes!
1. Sign up with any or all of the programs below. The more sites you sign up with = more offers and surveys = more money!
2. First, create a new email account. You don't want to get spam in your regular email inbox so create a secondary email address to use with a free service like Hotmail or Dodgeit. (Note: you may want to have a different e-mail for each GPT site you have an account with)
3. Log into your members area and start completing the offers. Start doing quick surveys and sweepstakes (they pay out anywhere from .50-$5.00). Then do some trial offers and earn on average $10-$20 per offer. (remember, you can always cancel within your trial period to avoid your credit card being charged) Some require a credit card number so if you don't have one, I recommend getting a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard at your local drugstore.
Hints and Tips

Clear your "cookies" or temporary internet files on your computer OFTEN! (like between each offer you do) This increases the chances of getting your completed surveys and offers approved because some companies have several surveys going at once and if they store your cookie, they may not give your credit as their system thinks you already competed it. A good free program to use is CCleaner or through your Tools > Internet Options Menu on your browser.
Use multiple email addresses. This also increases your approved offers for the above reasons. * Do not use fake information. You can get banned from programs for giving false information. Don't worry about giving our your address and phone number. I've never received an onslaught of junk mail or solicitation calls. If your worried about it, just sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry.
GETTING PAID TO COMPLETE FREE OFFERS Easy way to make extra cash! This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to pocket some fast cash. The key is to build up a good referral base by having friends and family sign up or posting your referral link in forums and on your blog or website.

What Are PTC Sites ?

What the heck are PTC sites? First off PTC stands for Pay To Click. When joining PTC sites, you always have the possibility to become an affiliate or an advertiser on the site. As an affiliate, you will click on the links provided by the advertiser. And the opposite is true for and affiliate. The PTC site acts like an intermediary making everything possible. The Advertiser pays the PTC site, then the PTC site pays you, everyone is a winner. The Advertiser gets more traffic to its website, the PTC site and you make money.
How will I earn money / how much will I make? As it is impossible to provide an exact amount, your earnings will be established by your ability to click on the provided links on a regular basis. In PTC persistency is the main key. You won’t earn 10$ per day alone on your first day. Most PTC sites offer 1 cent per click and have 10 or more ads running daily. In that case, you would be earning 10 cents per day from that website. You would also be earning money for the clicks of your referrals. Example or Earnings (ideal situation) You click 10 ads per day = $0.10 If you have 20 referrals and they click 10 ads per day = $2.00 Your daily earnings = $2.10 Your weekly earnings = $14.70 Your monthly earnings = $63.00 This will only increase as you get more referrals! The key to making money from these PTC sites is the quantity and not quality. If you sign up to 10 PTC sites and click with the same rate, 10 clicks per day , you’ll earn 10 times as fast as you would on one site. The logic is extremely simple: the more the better. Quantity primes but quality means a lot to.
Some PTC sites offer 50 +ads daily, that’s 50 cents per day. These are the kind of sites you’re looking for but they are rare. Optional, but recommended, ways that you can increase your earnings Most (if not all) PTC sites offer "Premium" memberships. These memberships give you access to increased rates for every click in order to lower payout (money is faster in your pockets), and to increased rates for every referral’s clicks and many more great features. You will always be the winner in the LONG TERM when you purchase this membership. Another way to increase your income faster is to buy referral packs. Combined with premium memberships, your profits will grow much faster. Every active referral is someone working for you, earning you daily. In conclusion As I already said, persistence is the key to success. Never give up and everything will be fine.

CashCrate - GPT

CashCrate pays you for doing a variety of things.
1.) CashCrate pays you for completing offers. There are tons of free offers on their offers page.
2.) CashCrate will pay you for referring friends. You will make 20% of what your referrals make and about 10% of what their referrals make.
3.) CashCrate will pay you for doing daily surveys. There are 2 daily surveys that pay .80 cents each. If you were to just take the surveys and do nothing else, you would have 27.00 in your account at the end of the month.
4.) CashCrate will give you cash back for shopping. I download Itunes and shop at WalMart and Target online all the time. Why not get some of that money back?
5.) CashCrate will not only pay you for doing all of the above things but, you also earn points! You can cash in the points for things like gift cards and iPods.
I wanted to give you a few tips to help you get started:
1.) Don't Give Up!! CashCrate really works. You just have to be persistent.
2.) Be sure to read the tutorial on the CashCrate website before you get started and also check out the forum. There is a discussion called "Which offers approved for you today". Click on the last few pages for recent offers that have approved quickly for others, this should get you off to a quick start to earn your first 10.00. After that, you are hooked. I know I am.
3.) Make sure to delete your cookies after each survey. You can do this by selecting "Tools" and then "Internet Options" from your web browser. Once the next window pops up, click on the General tab and then go to Browsing History. Select Delete in the cookies section. Later in these tips you will see where I ask you to also delete your temporary Internet files. You can do this by clicking on the Delete Files button.
4.) Make sure you do the daily surveys. They are worth $0.80 and can be done once every 24 hours, this will give you at least a guaranteed $44 a month. It doesn't always show as credited right away because they do the credits manually. Just keep doing a survey until it says congratulations. Sometimes I do not always qualify for the first survey I screen for. Just keep going till you get one you qualify for each day and then move on to the second survey and do the same. Right now I even get a bonus survey every day. I don't know how much longer I will get the bonus survey but, you had better believe I'm taking advantage of it while I can.
5.) Try and do all the offers that don't require a credit card or have you sign up for any trial. I have only received two phone calls from people that asked for my phone number. Both were at sites where I selected the "Please call me with information". I truly did want the information. As it says in the tutorial, only fill out correct information on the sites. The sites that ask for a phone number so that they can give you a confirmation code are just that. All they do is send you a confirmation code over the phone.

6.) You may want to get a separate email account just for your CashCrate activities so that it will be easier to keep up with the confirmations and such. I always get three new ones at the beginning of each week and I write down the email account I used for each offer. Don't worry, you get credit for offers by you computers ip address not your email account. You will catch on to that once you keep doing offers. Let's say it's a Burger King vs McDonalds survey, on the second or third screen you will realize that it is actually from "Winning Surveys", "Consumer expressions", "Survey Club" or someone else. Write down which one it is and the email address you are using for the offer. The next time that week that you see the second or third page coming up with the same site, close the window, clear your cookies, delete your temporary internet files and then start the offer again with a different email address. I've also noticed that when I get to the second or third page of an offer, it already knows who I am even though I haven't entered my name yet. In this instance I also close the window, clear my cookies and delete my temporary internet files and then do the offer again. Now it doesn't recognize me and I get credit for the offer. ***The other thing about getting new email addresses is that you will never have to worry about all of the spam emails again because once the week is over, you just forget about the old email account and eventually it will get deleted by your email provider.
7.) If you plan on getting referrals to CashCrate, make sure to go to the "Message Center" section and then click on "Options" to create a personal message that your referrals will receive once they sign up under you. Be sure that you give them lots of instructions and hints on how to use CashCrate in this message. Don't include links to other sites in the message or it won't get accepted by CashCrate. Feel free to use the email that you got from me to send to them if you like. After all, it's already been accepted. After you have gotten referrals you can go to the new message tab and send additional helpful messages to all of your referrals at once by selecting "all referrals" from the drop down menu. **Caution.....never enter your cell number in order to get a confirmation code from and offer site. I have heard of many people getting charges on their cell phone bill for joining clubs by doing this. Just skip those type of offers completely. ** You don't have to go all the way! Just keep filling out information and going to the next screen until you see "Congratulations" and then close the window and click submit. Some of the screens you come to may have a ton of "click yes or no" options on the same page. Before clicking no on all of them, go to the bottom and see if there is a skip option. The screens that do not have a skip, usually require you to click yes on one of the offers. Don't be afraid to click yes on one. The only thing that will happen is that it will go to that offer and then give you a chance to skip it. I have been doing great just by doing the absolutely free offers and surveys. Sometimes it takes a while for the pending offers to clear but, they eventually will. If it's been pending over 2 weeks and didn't automatically go back into the list of offers you need to do, delete the offer and it will return to the to do list. Do the offer again and submit it again. Also, make sure to invite your friends and family to join you so you can earn a bit extra through referrals.


What ? GPT ?

First things first, what does GPT stand for? This stands for Get Payed To. There are many different things you can get payed to do: Read e-mails, click links, surf sites, and complete surveys.
Ok, I'll first write some basics about GPT programs for those of you who are new in this. Get paid to read e-mails sites will pay you to read your own e-mail. They sends you an e-mails which are advertisemenst from other members with link included. When you click that link you get paid. Get paid to click sites pays you for clicking on links, something like links you get with GPT read e-mails sites but actualy don't get e-mail, you login in your account and click links. It's very simple.
Get paid to surf sites pays for surfing, mostly autosurfing, other members sites. With this sites you must upgrade your account to be able to earn commissions.
Get paid to complete online surveys sites pays you to complete their free surveys. One of the best or maybe the best one is survey club.
PTP (Get paid to promote) is great and easy way to make money online. Such programs are also reffered as CPM programs. You get paid per Ad Impression, i.e your ads are shown by visitor. The visitor don't even need to click on ad. Impression count and CPM rate varies from program to program. Paid-To-Promote is one of the best ptp sites.It has very high CPM rate and many ptp ads (ref links, banner, layer, popup,...)