Lesson 5 - More on Hubpages

Making Money With Hubpages
In Lesson 4 of the Residual Income Stream series, I talked about how to make money with hubpages. Hopefully, you started building some hubs. If you haven't yet, then there must be a few things stopping you.

1. You don't believe using Hubpages can make you any money.

2. You don't know how to do it and need step by step instructions.

3. You signed up, wrote some hubs, but still don't see any money coming in.

4. You have no idea what I'm talking about.

If you fall in the 4th category, just go back and read Lesson 4. To understand a bit more about creating residual income in general, start at Lesson 1. The links are on the left.

First Category

It may be hard to believe that you can actually make money on the internet without spending any of your own money when you see all of these sites charging $47 or $147 or $931 and so on, but it's true. I won't be showing you "proof" like all of those other people do since you'd probably think I photoshopped it anyway. So why should you believe me? Because I'm not charging you any money for this information. In other words, besides some time, what have you got to lose anyway.

The premise of this site from the beginning was to help you make $1 a day. The point of that, again, is once you can make $1 a day, your mind will open up to the possibility that $2 a day is possible. Once you reach that, $5, then $10 a day will be possible and so on. Many people fail at making money online before they even start simply because in the back of their mind, they don't think that it's possible for them. Read that again. I'm sure you believe that people are making money online, but do you believe that YOU can? If you don't, you can be given the best system and still not make much. Belief that this works must come first. Believe it, and you'll start to see it.

Second Category

If you know that making money with Hubpages is possible but haven't started because you need step by step instructions, then here it is again.

1. Sign up for a hubpages account. Choose any username you want. Preferably without spaces.

2. Do some keyword research to find profitable keywords with low competition. (see Lesson 4)

3. Once you find the keyword, do some quick research about the topic if you don't know anything about the topic.

4. Create your hub with the right keyword and related keyword placements. Here's a hub I created to show you how to correctly set up a hub (http://hubpages.com/hub/how-to-correctly-setup-a-hub).

5. Build a couple of links to your hub using article directories or link exchanges.

6. Find your next keyword and repeat steps 2 - 6.

These are the basic steps to this method. The cool thing about using Hubpages is that because they have a lot of authority with Google, you will often find that your sites will rank fairly quickly... and that is the whole point of using Hubpages in the first place.

Important: When it comes to making money with Hubpages, the law of averages will come into play. The more hubs you create, the more money you will make overall. You will find that out of 100 hubs, you may have a 2-5 of them make 80% or more of your income. Many of them won't make you anything.

Read that again and take a moment to let it sink in. Understanding this will put you ahead of 99% of all of the people who try to make money online. It's a numbers game. The ones who make a ton of money are the ones who have a bunch of sites. That's not always the case but you will want to increase your chances of being successful by planting lots of seeds. The good news is that once you make a load of sites, you'll start to get better and better at creating successful ones. Even the best internet marketers create sites that fail everyday. What makes them successful while others fail though, is that they understand the game. They understand that when you put out a ton of sites, you'll eventually have one that will hit.

Learning exactly what to do in order to save you the trouble of trial and error is what internet marketers try to sell you on. Let's face it, if you build 100 sites but you do it all wrong, you'll fail even if you build 10,000 sites. Everything you need to know can be found somewhere on the internet. But of course, that's the problem. It can take years to go through and test different approaches to see what works and what doesn't. This is why people are willing to pay so much to learn the "secrets".

Third Category

Pretty much what I just explained. Either you haven't done enough or you are doing the wrong things, whether it's choosing the wrong keywords, optimizing your hub wrong, or building links wrong. The basic of SEO is quite simple actually, so if you have that down, most likely it's because you haven't created enough hubpages. You want to aim at making 100 hubs. This can take you a week if you work hard at it or it can take you 3 months. It depends on you.

In the next post of how to make money with Hubpages, I'll be going into researching strategies in order to help you write about pretty much any topic. After that, the basics of creating a hub and finally, how to build links to them. For now, just sign up for hubpages find some keywords and try creating a hub. You can always edit it later. Just get use to the format.

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